Measures against Covid-19

What have we done preparing for reopening?

Integral cleaning of the air conditioning system.

Disinfection OF ALL apartments.

Elaboration of an Anti-Covid Protocol explained to all staff and that includes a Contingency Plan in case of detection of a positive case. This plan has been developed following the guidance set by the Ministry of Tourism.

What have we done to minimize contact? You decide

You will receive an email in case you prefer to fill in your personal data so that you will not have to give us your ID or passport at arrival. We will also send you an email with a payment link so you can pay for your booking in advance.

If you want the invoice will be sent to you at the time of departure to your email account. So you can leave without picking up any paper.

If you make payment and check in online you will be able to collect the key from your apartment upon arrival, directly from the keybox located at the entrance of the same building.

You can contact our phone 24 hours 0034 659 611 415.

What do we do once inside the apartment to ensure your safety?

Thermometer available to the customer in case the temperature is to be taken.

Mandatory to wear the mask in the common areas. And supply of mask in case you do not have.

Availability of Alcoholic Hydro Gel in all common areas.

Installation of methacrylate screens at the reception.

Please note that only people sharing the same apartment can be lifted in the elevator.

Use of CODINA bactericidal disinfectant for professional use as a cleaning product in all apartments.

The apartments are disinfected after each Check Out by VAPORIZATION and are replaced and cleaned, the TV controller, the AC controller and the trash can with previously disinfected ones. To not contaminate the apartment the waitresses, clean their hands before entering each apartment and work with the screen masks.

Use of HC-ALCO TEX textile hydroalcoholic hygienizer on all sheets and towels.